10″ Disney : Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Faux Leather Mini Backpack Bag Loungefly Exclusive


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Heigh-ho! It’s everywhere with you the Seven Dwarfs 10” Faux Leather Mini Backpack can go! Get yours today from Scifitoys, Australia figures, statues, customs, toys and collectibles online store.

Loungefly’s Castle series has blessed us with some truly enchanting accessories. Next in this beautifully designed line is Disney’s Sleeping Beauty!

“We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig from early morn till night
We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig up everything in sight
We dig up diamonds by the score
A thousand rubies, sometimes more
But we don’t know what we dig ‘em for
We dig dig dig a-dig dig”

Heigh-ho! It’s off to work you go with the Seven Dwarfs in tow!

In Disney’s first animated feature, Snow White flees to the cottage of seven little miners after her wicked stepmother, the Queen, orders her murder. There, the Dwarfs quickly grow to care for the kind princess and do everything in their power to protect her from the evil queen.

The Seven Dwarfs otherwise spend their days working in a mine. The stunning all-over print of this bag features each of the Dwarfs accompanied by sparkling gem stones, shovels and pick axes used inside the mine. Also pictured are elements of the forest surrounding it, such as flowers and mushrooms, as well as the delicious gooseberry pies Snow White bakes. The tasteful illustrative print is complimented by a gorgeous purple background along with brown vegan-friendly leather bordering and stunning gold-style hardware.

Product Features:

  • Faux leather
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Printed details