1:1 Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn SWAT Good Night Bat Weapon with Sound


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Gear up as Suicide Squad Team Harley Quinn with this SWAT Good Night Bat Weapon with Sound. Buy from Scifitoys, Australia Marvel figures toys and collectibles online store.

Factory Entertainment has included some new additions to its line of collectible role-play / cosplay SWAT™ (Soft Weapons and Tactics) weapons — from Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn’s Good Night Bat! To ensure the accuracy of each piece, WB provided Factory Entertainment access to the original screen used props from the film, as well as various assets and imagery from the set in order to truly capture what’s seen on screen. 

The Good Night Bat feature the exact wording around each piece and other fine details, making these SWATs™ perfect for living out your Harley Quinn role-playing / cosplaying fantasy! To further enhance the collectibles and to add another element of role-play, each Harley Quinn SWAT™ soft weapon features a series of sounds that play when swung through the air and on impact!