8″ Transformers : The Loyal Subjects Series 1 – Limited Edition The Nemesis Prime Hasbro


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LIMITED EDITION : Only 500 units worldwide


A monstrous Transformer sent to kill Autobots and Decepticons alike.  It scanned the minds of the Transformers and took form of Optimus Prime, as he was the most respected and powerful in the Transformers minds.  As a duplicate of Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime has all of Prime’s power and strength, including the ability to reconstruct himself.

This cool 8” Nemesis Prime is an EXTREMELY limited edition piece!

Display along side your other figures from The Loyal Subjects or just as a stand alone!

The Loyal Subjects Transformers Series 2 8″ THE NEMESIS OPTIMUS PRIME Features

  • 8″ tall

  • Articulation in arms, waist and head

  • Comes with Blaster

  • Window Box

  • Edition 500