9″ Disney : Hunchback of Notre Dame – Esmeralda Dancing Faux Leather Mini Backpack Bag Loungefly


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Carry the free spirit of Esmeralda wherever you go with this stunning Loungefly backpack! Get yours today from Scifitoys, Australia figures, statues, customs, toys and collectibles online store.

“I ask for nothing
I can get by
But I know so many
Less lucky than I”

Esmeralda is a verbally powerful, street-wise Romani woman who solely rebelled against the tyranny of Claude Frollo during his reign. Aside from this fiery nature, she is loving and selfless, and was the first human to show kindness to Quasimodo. 

Here, Esmeralda is celebrated as a dancer, which she performs both on the streets and at big events such as the Festival of Fools. Pictured with her is Djali, her loyal goat with a nature as feisty as her own. The two are first seen in the film dancing for coins on the streets of Paris, where Esmeralda is harrassed by guards and evades them with the help of Djali and her love, Phoebus. This backpack is inspired by that scene, textured with 15th century cobblestone surroundings and petals fluttering around them from the gorgeous flower wreaths above.

Product Features:

  • Faux leather
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Printed details