Coding Projects with Scratch Made Easy


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Download Scratch and learn to code with this fun, fill-in workbook for new coders. Scratch is quick and easy-to-use, especially for kids who have no experience. Computer programming is a powerful tool for children to learn and is fast becoming an essential part of the Australian curriculum. Coding Projects with Scratch Made Easy is a great starting point for understanding code, learning how to program, and practising computer language. In no time children will crack the basics, gain confidence, and get coding. CONTENTS A HELLO SCRATCH! A EXPLORING SCRATCH A WEIRD MUSIC Move your mouse-pointer over the stage and play bizarre musical notes, conducted by the ever-changing Scratch Cat! A QUIZ TIME! Scratch Cat is the quizmaster asking you and your friends tough times-table questions. How many can you get right out of 10? A POTTY PETS Customize pictures of your pets with sounds and animations to make crazy interactive pet portraits. You can even feed you pets! A BOUNCE PAINTING Set the balls bouncing and watch goggle-eyed as they draw mind-bending patterns. You get different patterns every time! A SOLUTIONS A GETTING SCRATCH