GeoSafari Jr. Sneak & Peek Periscope by Educational Insights



GeoSafari Jr. Sneak & Peek Periscope

Observe nature from your sneaky secret hideout–even in the dark! Peek over a large rock during a hike or around a tree at the park–undetected. Flip on the LED light to spy on nocturnal animals in your backyard or to peer into a dark space. This periscope has a wide viewing area to see far and wide, easy-grip handles, and soft goggles with a comfy nose placement to guarantee a relaxed expedition.

Child-sized 14″L periscope featuring built-in LED light and wide viewing area

Large 2-eye viewing area

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Supports STEM: Introduce science tool and encourage wildlife observation

Ages 4-6 yrs