GeoSafari Jr. Underwater Explorer Boat by Educational Insights



GeoSafari Jr. Underwater Explorer Boat

This kid-sized, miniature boat has a clear, magnified floor that gives little marine biologists their first peek beneath the water’s surface. Great for lakes, seaside, the swimming pool, and even water tables, this aquatic tool includes a floating mini life preserver wrist strap to keep it from floating away. Tiny steering wheel and propeller details actually move, bringing a playful experience to the magic of the underwater world.

Boat with clear bottom measures 10″L x 5″W x 2.5″H

Clear plastic bottom with built-in 3x magnifier

Adjustable wrist strap can be removed via the breakaway cord

Supports STEM: View and explore water environments

Ages 3-6 yrs


SMALL PARTS (1). Not for < 3 yrs.