Gross and Ghastly: Human Body


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Gross and Ghastly: Human Body is an alternative, fun factbook, which draws children in with its gruesome nature, but provides essential facts about the human body that every child should know.

Did you know that there are about 600 hairs in a person’s eyebrow? Or can you guess how much of your life will you spend on the toilet? Learn about all the gross things that the human body does, with this fantastically gruesome factbook!

Focusing on everything truly terrible that happens to us, Gross and Ghastly: Human Body is a stomach churning journey that investigates how and why our bodies can be so disgusting. Travel from your head to your toes and discover a variety of funny facts, like why your farts smell and how bogies get in your nose!

Packed full of facts, puzzles, and games, young readers are sure to find out something new and revolting about their bodies. Including delightfully disgusting illustrations, this is a must-have for every young budding scientist or 6-9 year old who loves a bit of toilet humour!