LaQ Dinosaur World DINO KINGDOM



Build the biggest and most complex dinosaurs in the Dino Kingdom
Dino Kingdom is an advanced large set in the Dinosaur World collection, and has the largest dinosaurs to build – many of which have movable necks, arms and legs.

  • This set includes 980 pieces, as well as 8 special Hamacron parts.
  • The special Hamacron parts (large wheels + shafts, mini wheel + shafts) enable a wider variety of movement and building techniques.
  • This set includes an instruction guide to make 14 models including the T-Rex which has a movable jaw and tail, a feathered T-Rex, the carnivorous and ferocious Spinosaurus, the tall and large Brachiosaurus with a moving neck and legs, Kentrosaurus with the row of plates and spikes running down its back and tail, and many more models!
  • Dino Kingdom also includes a handy plastic storage case for on-the-go play, extra instructions for easy 2D beginner models, as well as a Japanese pictorial handbook edited by the chief editor of MOVE, a children’s encyclopedia.
  • W320xH240xD80 (mm)

Ages 7+