LaQ Insect World Mini Mantis – 1 Model, 64 Pieces



Start your own insect collection with the Mini Mantis
Mini Mantis is a fun beginner set, one of the Mini sets in the Insect World collection. Other Mini sets include the Hercules Beetle, Rhino Beetle, Stag Beetle, Butterfly, and Scorpion. This set includes 64 pieces and includes instructions to make the model.

The Insect World collection has a range of Mini sets as well as the King Beetle to build a wide range of beetles, butterflies and other insects. The Mini range (Mantis, Hercules Beetle, Stag Beetle and Rhino Beetle) are great introductions to how just using 7 types of LaQ parts can mimic real-life curved objects

Package size (mm): W120xH80xD40

Ages 5+