Match It Spelling by The Learning Journey



Match it Spelling – self correcting three and four letter word puzzles focus on spelling

Match It Spelling is made up of 20 self-correcting puzzles. Ten of them are three letter puzzles and ten are four letter puzzles.

It has a variety of play factors. For younger children, 12 months to 2 yrs, you can have the pieces put together and study the pictures with them.

For a toddler, you could tell your child to point out the cow or shoe, and then ask them if it makes noise, or what do you do with it. Have them point to the letter S or the letter C in the word. Point to the square windows on the bus or the circles for the wheels. For preschoolers, they can start to put the pieces together, which is a learning opportunity about connections, and how things fit together.

Lastly, you can focus on the spelling. As the pieces come together, see how C + O + W spells the word Cow. For older children, you can even have them find segments that have associations. For example, put together a puzzle set with a ball and a shoe, since a shoe kicks a ball. Or things that begin with the same letter, like C for Cow and C for Cake.


Ages 4+