Mideer Geometry Animal Puzzle



MIDEER Preschool Educational Toys Geometry Cartoon Animal Puzzle
  • LEARN ABOUT COLORS – Both high-quality puzzles are brightly colored and eye-catching, providing lots of opportunities to discuss and learn about colors.
  • PROMOTE Recognition Ability – The fun themes are designed to get your child talking – distinguish the animals & geometry and enjoy the images together to encourage better recognition ability.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM – Completing each mini puzzle correctly and being rewarded with a fun image related to the exciting theme is a big boost to a child’s confidence. Learning more about a topic can be an essential part of a child’s self-esteem, especially as they share this new knowledge with others.
  • Paper geometry animal floor puzzle
  • Each animal has a different color on the back
  • Packaging Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 5 cm

Ages 3+