Motorblox Vehicle Lab by SmartLab Toys



Build and test three different motorised vehicles.

A dragster, a bulldozer, and a dune buggy— then motorise your block collection using your own bricks. The Power Core has two different gears that provide high speeds, high power, and options for going forward and reverse. With MotorBlox, young engineers will learn about gears, torque, traction, vehicle design, and how to problem solve as they build. With MotorBlox the possibilities are endless!


  • Power core with high-speed and high-power drives
  • Front chassis
  • 2 Track bands
  • 4 Race wheels
  • 4 Track hubs
  • 4 Race tires
  • Blade attachment
  • Windshield attachment
  • Bi-fold pamphlet
  • Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required
Ages: 8+