My Very First Bible Stories


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An enchanting and beautifully illustrated collection of 15 of your favourite bible stories. From Noah’s Ark to the birth of Jesus, this baby bible is perfect for parents and carers to share with their young children.


Introduce your child to a selection of your favourite Bible stories with this enchanting book for toddlers.


This illustrated board book contains 15 bite sized Bible stories that adults can share with their children. From Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark, to the story of Moses and the birth of Jesus, little ones will be introduced to Christianity and learn about classic tales from the Bible.


Simple, easy-to-follow narrative accompanies Julia Seal’s charming illustrations, bringing every scene and story to life. With sturdy pages and a padded cover designed for toddlers’ small hands, this first Bible is the perfect introduction for very young children.


My Very First Bible Stories is made for sharing with loved ones and makes for a wonderful bedtime read. What’s more, it is a gift that children can treasure forever.