(PREORDER) 1:6 Back to the Future – Doc Emmett Brown Deluxe Figure MMS610 Hot Toys (EARLY BIRD $415)


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Bring the past to your future with the Doc Brown Deluxe 1/6th Scale Hot Toys Action Figure in your collection.sixt Get yours today from Scifitoys, Australia figures, statues, customs, toys and collectibles online store.

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Release Date: March 2023

“It requires something with a little more kick – Plutonium.”

Great Scott! He’s the genius inventor of the time travelling DeLorean car and one of the most memorable movie characters of all time, and now the beloved mad scientist from the pop culture phenomenon movie Back to the Future has returned for this glorious Doc Brown Deluxe 1/6th Scale Hot Toys Action Figure.

Masterfully crafted based on the appearance of the incomparable Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown in the original Back to the Future, this sixth scale figure features a hand painted head sculpt with an incredible likeness, movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles, and highly detailed sculpted greyish-white hair to capture his iconic hairdo. The Doc comes in a finely tailored protective jumpsuit comes with pouch and bag to store his equipments, as well as an amazing variety of detailed accessories including the signature remote to control the time machine, clipboard, stopwatch, climate graph, portable printer, a series of tools that can be found in his tool bag, plus a figure stand. Standing approximately 11.81” tall, Doc features over 30 points of articulation so you can recreate your favourite scenes from the classic movie, and this great deluxe version also includes a Plutonium case and a bottle of removable Plutonium for even more awesome display options.

What’s in the Box?

  • One (1) Doc Brown 1/6th Scale Hot Toys Action Figure with over 30 points of articulation
  • One (1) Hand-painted head sculpt with authentic and detailed likeness of Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown with a movie-accurate facial expression and detailed wrinkles and skin texture, and highly detailed greyish-white hair sculpture
  • Four (4) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
  • One (1) pair of relax hands
  • One (1) pair of accessories hands


  • One (1) ivory long-sleeved shirt
  • One (1) green Hawaiian shirt
  • One (1) white hazmat jumpsuit with radiation symbol and orange details
  • One (1) dark brown belt with tools bag and pouch 
  • One (1) pair of orange sneakers


  • One (1) Plutonium case with one (1) bottle of removable Plutonium (Deluxe only)
  • One (1) highly detailed remote
  • One (1) clipboard with notes
  • Two (2) watches
  • One (1) portable printer (can be placed within the pouch)
  • One (1) stopwatch 
  • One (1) stopwatch for Einstein
  • One (1) climate graph
  • One (1) notepad
  • One (1) pack of pens
  • One (1) pelvic measuring ruler
  • Eleven (11) pieces of tools (placed within the tools bag) including:
  • Four (4) screwdrivers
  • Two (2) pliers
  • Two (2) wrenches
  • One (1) flashlight
  • One (1) square ruler
  • One (1) duct tape
  • One (1) figure stand with movie logo and character nameplate

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