Ravensburger Lighthouse at Night 3D Puzzle (216pc)


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Coastal Light House – Many coastal regions are unimaginable without their lighthouse; symbols of safety and orientation. Their signal lights have helped ships with navigation and positioning for centuries while they also alert to danger zones such as riffs, sandbanks and shallow waters. Serenely standing above the sea and enduring the ocean’s constant surge, light houses have always been great tourist attractions.

Our new Night edition Lighthouse realistically recreates a replica of an actual working lighthouse.

  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS – Ravensburger’s 3D jigsaw puzzles will bowl you over with premium quality, in terms of both content and material.
  • PRECISION FIT – No matter how large or small our puzzles, each is precision made so that every piece fits perfectly.
  • EASY CLICK TECHNOLOGY – Individual pieces are so precisely made that you can actually hear a ‘click’ when you fit a piece into the correct place.
  • 3D JIGSAW PUZZLE – This puzzle is meant to be displayed after it’s built. It’s 3D, and highly durable.
  • 216 Piece 3D Puzzle
  • Finished Puzzle Size: 30×21 (cm)

Ages 10+