SmartLab Mac Makerson & The Interdimensional Locker


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MacMakerson and the Inter-Dimensional Locker The amazing INFINITY MIRROR maker kit. Read how MacMakerson and his friend Maya create an infinity mirror to catch a thief. Then build one yourself with the included parts and instructions.

When you switch on the completed mirror, the infinity effect looks like an amazing inter-dimensional portal! The 32-page comic book illustrates Mac and Maya’s adventure, provides complete build instructions, and presents science information and experiments. This STEAM kit investigates OPTICAL PHYSICS, LED SCIENCE and VIRTUAL IMAGES.

  • 32- Page Comic Book/Makers Guide
  • Battery-Powered Light String with 40 LEDs
  • One-Way Mirror
  • Standard Mirror
  • Project Housing
  • 9 Hook-and-Loop Fasteners
  • 10 Double-Sided Tape Strips
  • 4 Maker Science Cards This unit is Battery Powered and Portable Contains a secret compartment

Ages 8+