SmartMax Basic Stunt Set



This box includes balls and bars and parts to make 2 cars, a ramp or a bridge. 
  • SmartMax magnets have the correct strength for their purpose and are made out of the the highest quality material that can be found. These magnets can carry up to 60 times their own weight.
  • SmartMax bars have different colours as a code. Larger bars have stronger magnets than smaller ones.
  • SmartMax comes with an extensive guideline about magnetism, how to make 2D constructions, how to reinforce structures to make them 3D and more!
  • SmartMax on a comparable basis are very price-competitive. SmartMax offers a lot more play-value for the same price.
  • Smart has applied for a patent on the basis of the new and unique use and combination of the different magnets.
  • Package Dimensions (mm): 565x350x60

Age 2+