Smash Pong by Educational Insights



Smash Pong!

Take your shot at big-time fun with this hilarious whole-family game! Draw a challenge card and set up the target to complete your challenge. Pick the perfect place for your target and pop your way to victory by loading, aiming, and launching your ping pong ball into the target.

Fun, physical challenge game

Includes Smash Pong launcher, 6 balls, 20 challenge cards, multilingual instruction guide, and storage bucket

For 2 players or teams

Ages 7 yrs+

How to Play:

  1. Players take turns choosing challenge cards, then…
  2. loading, aiming, and launching their balls into the target.
  3. Miss after 3 tries, and lose a turn; make your mark, and shoot again!
  4. Score 3 baskets first, and you win!